THE CAYUCO FLOWER  | Works by Genaro Reyes | From June 16th to July 17th | The Altos de Chavón Main Gallery
Almost a decade in existence, the Cayuco Cultural Center presents at the Main Gallery in Altos de Chavon the exhibit Cayuco Flower with works by Genaro Reyes.

The Cultural Center of Cayuco Miches  began in the town of Miches, within the Seybo province. This workshop, founded by the Yeguada River opens its production studio to young talented, honest and hardworking inhabitants. One of the objectives of the center is to monitor artisans in their artistic education.  After eight years of training, they begin to produce in their own workshops with their own resources, gradually organizing and amassing their own modest tools and creating new designs and thus achieving high-quality craftsmanship in carving polished and painted wood, to achieve better prices in the market.

This creative work is not marketed through department stores for among other reasons, the production capacity is very limited. Unlike the Santos de Palo, artisans plan exhibitions at institutions and galleries where they are regularly invited, so that production is marketed mainly in Santo Domingo.

Year after year they face the same challenges in broadening their markets, but not withstanding they “continue to do so, because the artist’s driving force is a wonderful and effective tool to tear down walls and build bridges.”