La Romana, Dom. Rep |4th July, 2013

The Blue Marlin fishing season for Marina Casa de Campo closed with excellent numbers: 621 Blue Marlins released in 100 days of fishing, averaging in 6 billfish per day.

This year La Marina counted with the presence of over 20 U.S. fishing vessels with some of the world’s most renowned sports fishermen. Besides the traditional Therapy, Fa-La-Me, Blue Heaven, Alican, Betsy, Chach, Liquid Gold, C’est La Vie, Ambush, Caroline, Chasin’ Tail, Shark Byte, Canyon Gear, Uno Mas; new vessels visited the Marina this season such as Impulse, Nemesis, Shoe, Double Barrel, Old Reliable, Over Easy, Dakeri, among others.

We also had the participation of vessels from Puerto Rico, such as:  Amigo, Mojito and Islamar.

The season heated up in January when Capt. Neil Orange released a total of 45 Sailfish from 75 strikes over the weekend of the 18th to the 21st of January.

Formally the 2013 season started in February with a total of 85 releases in 11 days of fishing with the fishing vessels Betsy, Caroline and Bandolera.

Alican fishing at Marina Casa de Campo by James Breen

March closed with a total of 143 releases in 26 days of fishing. 15 boats fished, including Blue Heaven, Ambush, Shark Byte, Blue Dog, Impulse, Canyon Gear, among others. The peak of the season was April:  263 releases in 27 days of fishing with a total of 24 boats fishing.

The 2013 fishing season for Marina Casa de Campo formally closed the 30th of June with 21 relases in 8 days of fishing. Aside from Blue Marlin, the boats caught, Mahi-Mahi’s, Wahoo’s, White Marlin and others species such as Swordfish (first one for James Nantz from Impuse) a Longbill spearfish released by Dakeri at the end of May.

The boats fishing this season have had moments of a lot of action in the high seas getting to release up to 11 billfish and seeing 12 in just one day of fishing as was the case for Caroline on the 24th of April.