2013 casa de campo LR2January 13th, 2014 | La Romana, D.R. 


Billfish Report, organization responsible for issuing fishing reports on billfish worldwide, has appointed the Dominican Republic as the No.1 billfishery of 2013.

Billfish Report, makes a list each year of the top 10 billfisheries. The criteria used for the selection of the Top 10 include number of fish, billfish variety, average size of the fish, season duration and the number of boats fishing.

This result was released on Friday January 10th on its webpage billfishreport.com and from that moment Dominican Republic has captured the attention to the areas of La Romana (Marina Casa de Campo) and Punta Cana (Marina  Cap Cana) where most of the international fishermen are concentrated given the facilities offered by these locations during their stay in the country.

Sport fishing International tourism is one of the most important and coveted by many countries. In Panama this tourism generates $ 97 million distributed in accommodations, boat rentals, food, transportation, fishing equipment, fuel and other related expenses. (Source Recreational Fishing in Panama: A Natural Economy Gold Mine – Presented by Billfish Foundation)

Marina Casa de Campos 2013 fishing season ended with excellent numbers: 621 Blue Marlins released in 100 fishing days, averaging 6 blues per day.

Billfish Report makes special mention of the 8 most outstanding performances, of which 5 were achieved by boats docked in Casa de Campo. The Betsy released 37 Blue Marlin in 4 days of  fishing in February, Canyon Gear 7-9 released on April 10th, Chasin Tail with 7 -11 on April 22nd, Bandolera with 7 Blue Marlins released on April 27th, the same day the Chach released Blue Marlin.

The Billfish Report press release closes with the following statement: “There is not such thing as a guaranteed Blue Marlin, but if there were, we would put our money on the Dominican.” – Billfish Report. 

 Billfish Report article: http://billfishreport.com/billfish-report/2013-billfisheries-of-the-year-1-dominican-republic/