DR Triple Header

September 22nd | Dominican Republic.- 
The third and final leg of the 2015 Dominican Triple-Header Billfish tournament series came to a close with North Carolina’s Contango as the series winners.

The series, which started last March during the Casa de Campo International Blue Marlin Classic and continued during the second leg at the International Cap Cana Billfish Shootout in June, came to a close at the Cap Cana Classic last weekend. Six boats participated in this, its first annual edition.

“It was persevierance and attention to detail that ultimately earned us victory” explained a jubilant Jeff Stingel, owner of the 53’ Jarrett Bay, Contango. ‘Team Contango’ had the early lead at end of the first leg, was later strongly challenged by Puerto Rico’s Blue Bird barely holding on to the lead by a very narrow 80 points at the end of the second leg and were able to close with a relatively comfortable 680 point margin at lines out of the third and final leg in the Triple-Header. “We knew we needed to stay consistent coming into the last leg and that is exactly what we did” added the boat’s Captain, Daryl Brower, with a broad grin on his face.

Contango’s name will be the first to be added to the series’ perpetual trophy, an original design by the famed Dominican Master Metal Sculptor “El Artistico” Jose Ignacio Morales, and will reside at Marina Cap Cana six months of each year and at Marina Casa de Campo the other six months of the year. In addition to a year’s worth of bragging rights the team received the elegant step box trophy from Release Marine and prizes from Cap Cana’s Eden Roc Boutique Resort, Mojo, Tycoon Rods and Hook & Tackle plus a little bit of cash to sweeten the pot.

Dates for 2016 are tentatively set for Casa de Campo Blue Marlin Classic April 13th to 17th, Cap Cana Shootout June 21st to 26th and Cap Cana Classic August 24th to 27th. These dates are still tentative and may undergo some minor tweaking. We will be announcing ‘definite’ dates shortly.


1. Contango 4,100

2. Bluebird 3,420

3. Black Gold 2,210

4. Thunder 1,960

5. Liandra 1,870

6. Tomahawk 1,240