Marina Casa de Campo invites you to test your knowledge and have fun. From movies, music, food to more specific yachting questions for the more daring ones, have a good laugh with your crew!


The competition consists on testing the nautical and general knowledge of the teams, and the one with the highest score wins the competition. The questionnaire is divided in five categories: music, movies and art (value: 1 point), sports (value 2 points), general culture (value: 2 points), geography (value: 2 points) and nautical (value 3 points). The total of possible points is 100 adding the three surprise questions for extra points.


-On arrival each team will be given a sheet on where they will write down contestant names, and will be provided with pencils, rules, etc.

-The Host will initiate the challenge by explaining game dynamics and rules.

-The Host will begin the question rounds, giving a few minutes for teams to deliberate and write down answers.

-A person will be assigned with picking up the answers sheet and calculating scores using a calculating Excel sheet.


– Teams must be formed by the captain and three crew members.

-Turn off cell phones, PLEASE.

-Teams will be given their Yachts name.

-Teams must be formed of 4 crew members. The Captain and three members of the crew he chooses, we suggest including a female crew member if available.

-Teams must have a person in charge of writing the answers and handing the answer sheet when finished.

Accept the challenge, have fun and win prizes as a fabulous stay in Casa de Campo Resort and Villa for two people and Bibi Leon’s collection items.