June 3rd, 2017

La Romana Dominican Republic

Marina Casa de Campo closed an unprecedented fishing season with a total of 1,003 Blue Marlins released in 109 fishing days, with over 1,475 strikes. The fishing season also produced 27-35 White Marlins and 14-20 Sailfish releases, making the Billfish total, 1,044 out of 1,530 strikes.

Despite the preseason being short, it was productive nonetheless, in five fishing days in January, the Betsy, Delta Dawn and Waterman produced 26 Blue Marlin releases out of 43 strikes.

February again was a very productive month with a total of 228 Blue Marlins out of 343 strikes in 28 fishing days. A total of 19 sport fishing boats fished in the month that closed with 241 Billfish out of 364 strikes, including five White Marlins and eight Sailfish. During this month, Delta Dawn had their first double digit day, releasing 10 out of 15 Blue Marlins on February 13th followed by the Black Gold which had 9 out of 11 Blue Marlins the next day. Among the 19 sport fishing boats to fish the first official month of the fishing season were the traditional AEI, Amazing Grace, Bandolera, Betsy, Blue Bird, Blue Heaven,  Chaser, Miss B Haven, Miss Magnolia, Reel Passion and new to the marina were Builders Choice, Cheeseburger, Rolling Rooster, Team Supreme, Victory Lap and Wanted.

March, one of the most important months of the fishing season and this year in particular it was a symbolic one since the 500th Blue Marlin of the season was released by Blue Heaven in the middle of the month and the month closed with 507 Blue Marlins releases out of 760 strikes in 29 days of fishing, establishing a new record of more than 500 Blue Marlins for the month. The 500th Blue Marlin of the month was released by Delta Dawn. During this month, double digit release numbers were also present, Delta Dawn released 11 out of 16 Blue Marlins on the 10th of March and Blue Bird released 11 out of 17 Blue Marlins the following day. A total of 11 White Marlins and 3 Sailfish were released making the total for the month 521 Billfish out of 775 strikes. A total of 33 boats fished this month.

In mid March the Marina Casa de Campo Cup begins The Marina Casa de Campo Cup began the 15th of March and had a very emotional and dramatic end. Chaser and Fa-La-Me were in a tight race to take first in the 2017 Cup, but it was Fa-La-Me who finally won for the second consecutive year. Casa de Campo Blue Marlin Classic was also celebrated, which closed with 63 Blue Marlin releases out of 88 strikes in three fishing days by 16 participating boats. Venezuelan team, Amazing Grace won the tournament.

March is the perfect month for all of the iconic activities of the season, the welcoming party takes place in the beginning of the month and at the end of the month the usual softball tournament takes place, between the Dock Tenders and the Gringos (team formed by captain and crew of the visiting sport fishing boats). The Dock Tenders beat the Gringos in both games played that evening.

In April, the boats produced 203 Blue Marlins out of 275 strikes, 9 White Marlins out of 12 strikes and 2 Sailfish out of 4 strikes. Chaser Sportfishing released the Blue Marlin no.900 of the season. The total for the month was 214 Billfish out of 291 strikes. During April the first edition of the Marina Casa de Campo Open international tournament took place, under the direction of Robert “FLY” Navarro and the Marina Casa de Campo team. During the two days of fishing the boats released a total of 23 Blue Marlins. This important tournament counted with support from America Custom Yachts and ESSO Combustibles as main sponsors, as well as son various local and international sponsors, for which we are very grateful. Since the beginning of the tournament, the good energy and fun were the stars of the tournament activities, the winning team was Delta Dawn, once again we would like to congratulate Pete Manuel, Thomas Bennett and Alan Scibal for their success. Miss Magnolia placed second with team Fa-La-Me in third. The tournament finished with a very pleasant awards ceremony with live music and a closing party which made everybody dance. The next edition of the Open will be 8-10 of March, 2018.

In May despite 90% of the boats had gone, a very important milestone was reached for the history of our fishing season, the 1000th Blue Marlin was released by Intents, Sunday May 21st at 11:39AM. It was also an important month for Betsy Sporfishing since Friday May 26th they released their 100th Blue of the 2017 fishing season. Only 8 boats fished in May, which finally closed with 39 in 18 fishing days.

Marina Casa de Campo once again thanks all the anglers, captains and crew that visited us during the 2017 season and wishes you all success in the rest of the year.