Sept 28th, 2017

La Romana, Dominican Republic

After the passing of hurricanes Maria and Irma through the Caribbean, we inform that Marina Casa de Campo is completely intact, none of our facilities have suffered any damage and operations in the entire complex continue to work at full capacity. We are ready to receive yachts in the 2017/2018 season.

The hurricanes have left much devastation; we hope our neighbors can re-establish as soon as possible, specially our closest neighbor Puerto Rico, island with which we have maintained a close relationship for many years; we hope that your resilience drives you to overcome these difficult times.

Again we would like to thank all the affection, solidarity and concern, showed by our friends and relatives that kept an ever present eye on our status during the passing of the storm through our territory.

Both Maria and Irma mostly affected the northern coast of our country, leaving damages to some tourism complex in the zone, in the country side and vulnerable communities. We applaud the work done by the national authorities in distributing information, evacuation plans and the overall protection of our citizens.

Our thought and best wishes to our neighbors in the Caribbean, we hope you can restore yourselves as soon as possible.

Contact info:

Vilma Nuñez

Marina Casa de Campo

Marketing & PR Manager