September 9th, 2018 | La Romana, D.R.

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IBC Shipyard will expand its services at its Marina Casa de Campo facilities with the new acquisition of the 300t travel lift.

In the month of November, IBC Shipyard will be receiving the new 300t travel lift, in its strategic location of Marina Casa de Campo in La Romana, located along the Chavon River. The new expansion project implemented, will focus on a broader market of vessels creating new jobs in the area of La Romana and the Dominican Republic.

Established in 2000 by Mauro Caslini, the shipyard IBC (Inversiones Bastilla del Caribe), has continued to build its reputation by repairing and remodeling thousands of ships, in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, to clients from all over the world.

From small maintenance jobs to complete remodeling of both architecture and naval engineering, Mauro Caslini and his team, managed by Giacomo Moriconi, have worked diligently over the years to expand their services and optimize the space of the yard to continue their growth with the passage of time.

According to the words of the CEO of IBC Shipyard, Giacomo Moriconi, with the precedent Travel lift of 120t, they were often at maximum capacity, so with the incorporation of the new 300t travel lift, in this strategic location, the availability of hauling and launching services will increase. The new machine will provide greater strength, efficiency, safety and versatility that will help increase the productivity of the yard.

While the 300t and 11 mt (36ft) travel lift will allow IBC to continue its current service operations, it will also open new doors in its portfolio of services ensuring the necessary capacities for catamarans, sport fishing boats, barges, tugboats, sailboats and boats of all sizes up to mega yachts. Their priority has always been to meet or exceed the expectations using the highest standards of safety and performance. So if IBC customers need to lift sailboats of 15t or 300t mega yachts, its port for boats will carry it out efficiently and durably.

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The installation of the new travel lift will not only be active for the Dominican marine industry, but will also help stimulate the local economy and the regional nautical market, because in an area of 400mts in diameter there is no other service like this one.

Mauro Caslini, had his first shipyard more than 22 years ago, in 1996 in Acapulco Mexico and today continues to renew itself, keeping IBC among the leaders of the market in the Caribbean. The new 300t travel lift joins a long list of existing equipment on the current IBC property.

The knowledge and experience of IBC Shipyard in the industry, together with its dedication to quality and customer service, are some of the many traits that foster its reputation in the Caribbean over the years.

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