La Romana, Dom. Rep.

Marina Casa de Campo once again finished in the top ten list of the world’s most important sport fishing destinations according to “The Billfish Report”, entity that emits and publishes sport-fishing reports for Billfish worldwide. In their most recent report, at the beginning of this 2019, the publication places Marina Casa de Campo at number 10.

Once again, Marina Casa de Campo executives announced this feat with enthusiasm, since the competition for the top ten includes 40 top-notch sport-fishing destinations around the world. This feat together with our permanence in the top ten for the last few years has an important meaning for the country in this type of luxury tourism.

Like every year, the Billfish Report publishes the ten best fishing destinations for sport fishing Billfish like Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish and Swordfish among others. One important aspect to note is that before 2017 and with the important contributions of Marina Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic had entered in this qualification table as a country for five consecutive years. The criteria for this selection includes the number of fish released, the variety of Billfish species, the average size of fish, season duration and the number of boats that fish. About 9,000 reports are analyzed each year.

Jose Gonzalvo, General Director of the marina states that “for the last 6 years Dominican Republic has been selected as one of the best sport fishing destinations in the world, even placing #1 in 2013, this is more than a privilege since we compete with bigger sport fishing destinations with longer fishing seasons.”

With the results of the last three years placing in the top ten of the Billfish Report:  the success, consistency and solidity of the last six fishing seasons, the impression made by the fishing tournament (Marina Casa de Campo Open) and promotional reach Marina Casa de Campo has captured the attention of the most competitive international sport fishermen who also prefer the Marina for the facilities and amenities offered during their stay in the country.

The 2018 fishing season closed with 972, Blue Marlins released out of 1,435 reported strikes in 131 fishing days. Aside from the excellent Blue Marlin numbers there were also 29 White Marlins released out of 36 strikes, an exceptional Sailfish run that totaled 138 releases out of 225 strikes and 35 out of 47 in Swordfish.